Convention Tickets

Early booking (until October 31st): 850 SEK
Standard booking (starting November 1st): 950 SEK
+ Sponsor upgrade: +350 SEK
+ Super-Sponsor upgrade: +850 SEK

On-location ticket (all days): 1050 SEK
1-day ticket: 525 SEK

The convention ticket includes access to all free events during the convention as well as a copy of the official conbook.

The 1-day ticket only gives you access to the convention for one day, as the name implies. You do not need to specify which day you'll be attending when registering; the ticket will be activated upon arrival. You can also show up and buy the ticket on-location.

You can read below about the different upgrades under the sponsor section.


Additional Add-Ons


  • One dinner buffet: 140 SEK.
  • All-inclusive buffet: 550 SEK.
  • Dying Dog Dinner event: 250 SEK.


Sponsorships are for those who want to support the convention and give a bit more to help take over the world make NordicFuzzCon become even more awesome! As a thank you we include a few fun perks and souvenirs, as described below.

Sponsor Upgrade

  • Special badge design.
  • A special mention on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2017 attendee t-shirt.
  • A sponsor-only sticker for the provided sticker badge.
  • The option to buy a ticket for the sponsor-only ice cream buffet event (+75 SEK).

Super-Sponsor Upgrade

  • An even more special badge design.
  • Quick on-site check-in with our super-sponsor fast track.
  • A special mention in the conbook and on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2017 attendee t-shirt.
  • Tiered exclusive gift. *
  • Free access to the sponsor-only ice cream buffet event.
  • Early access to select events.
  • Early access to the Dealers' Den and the Art Show.
  • Assorted knick-knacks, like a super-sponsor only sticker for the provided sticker badge.

Limited Edition Gifts

* All our super-sponsors will also get a special limited edition gift from us. And the best is: the more super-sponsors we get the better this set of gifts will be! One [censored! top secret!] is there for you in any case. If we hit 150 super-sponsors we will add another gift, and at 250 super-sponsors it will become even better. The tiered extra gifts will be announced when we hit the threshold number.

Tier 1 (150 super-sponsors): Bonus gift! Currently locked.
Tier 2 (250 super-sponsors): An even better bonus gift! Currently locked.

Previous Years' T-Shirts

Previous years' NordicFuzzCon t-shirts!
Sample t-shirts from previous NFCs.


Standard Sponsor Super-Sponsor
Convention ticket X X X
Conbook + pocket program X X X
NFC 2017 t-shirt +250 SEK X X
Sponsor convention badge + lanyard - X -
Sponsor sticker (for the sticker badge) - X -
Ice cream buffet - +75 SEK X
Special mention on website - X X
Special mention in conbook - - X
Super-Sponsor convention badge + lanyard - - X
Super-sponsor sticker (for the sticker badge) - - X
Tiered super-sponsor gift * - - X
Fast-tracked on-site check-in - - X
Early access to select events - - X
Early access to Dealers’ Den - - X
Early access to the Art Show - - X

Hotel Rooms

Main convention dates 9 - 12th of March

Standard Single (1 person room): 2400 SEK 
Standard Double (2 person room): 1600 SEK (per person)
Superior (3 person room)1500 SEK (per person)
Superior Extra (4 person room): 
1400 SEK (per person)
Family Superior (5 person room): 
1200 SEK (per person)
Junior Suite (6 person room): 
1300 SEK (per person)
Master Suite (2 person room): 
3400 SEK (per person)

The room prices are per person and cover all three nights of the convention, from March 9th until March 12th. Also included with every room booking is a scrumptious daily breakfast buffet served in the hotel's restaurant.

For a roomshare all partners need to book the same room category. After payment you can then tell us that you want to share the room via our online roomshare system.

Want to arrive early or stay late?

In addition, we offer super early arrival, early arrival, and late departure for those wanting to extend their time at the hotel by up to three extra nights. See the prices below.

Standard Single (1 person room) early arrival/late departure: 800 SEK (each night)
Standard Double (2 people room) early arrival/late departure: 550 SEK (per person each night)
Superior (3 people room) early arrival/late departure: 500 SEK (per person each night)
Superior Extra (4 people room) early arrival/late departure: 
500 SEK (per person each night)
Family Superior (5 people room) early arrival/late departure: 
400 SEK (per person each night)
Junior Suite (6 people room) early arrival/late departure: 
450 SEK (per person each night)
Master Suite (2 people room) early arrival/late departure: 
1150 SEK (per person each night)

  • With super early arrival and early arrival booked you can check in to the hotel on Tuesday, March 7th.
  • With early arrival booked you can check in to the hotel on Wednesday, March 8th.
  • Late departure lets you delay your check out of the hotel to Monday, March 13th.

Note that the prices are per night and in addition to the prices for rooms during the main convention dates. E.g. if you have a Family Superior room (400 SEK per additional night) and wish to have super early arrival, early arrival, and late departure a total of 1200 SEK. This would be in addition to the 1200 SEK for the main convention days, making the total 2400 SEK. If you only wanted late departure, that would be 400 SEK plus 1200 SEK, making the total 1600 SEK.

All extra nights also include the full breakfast buffet.